What is Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation is a process which allows you to combine all of your monthly bills into one, conveniently-low, monthly payment --- Up to 50% lower than what you are currently paying.

This is not a loan. We work with your creditors to reduce and/or eliminate high interest charges, waive late fees and other penalties, and update your past due account to show as current.

Q) Why are creditors willing to work with you and not me?

A) We are a licensed Non-Proft Organization specialized in debt consolidation. We are bonded for your protection as well as internationally accredited. ISO 9001:2000.

Q) Are you a collection agency?

A) NO!  We work on your behalf to lower your interest rates and payments. We are a Non-Proft Organization that assists conumers in becoming debt free.

Q) Do you repair credit?

A) Through the use of our program, your credit rating will improve by showing a positive payment history.  We will also ensure that upon completion of the program, your creditors acknowledge in writing that you have satisfied your debt with them, thus improving your credit status for the future.

Q) How do I know my bills are getting paid?

A) Every month you will receive statements from your creditors showing that your bills are getting paid and the new, negotiated benefits you will receive. 

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